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What's inside?


I always wanted to read a book like this, actually. As a patient, student, and a practicing clinician, I was starved for case studies and real-life examples of how other people were resolving their pain issues. I love to read stories, and getting a patient’s history and their eventual treatment is the best story of all. You get to hear the whole story, and that’s what makes case histories so interesting and relevant to my profession. As a matter of fact, the stories contained in this book provide the reader, patient, clinician, and researcher with much-needed information revealing other potential sources of typical pain patterns.

My hope is that this book will both inform and enlighten you as the reader, and motivate you to advocate for yourself. I designed each chapter as part of a toolkit meant to empower you to solve your own pain issues and help you discover the source of why you are not moving the way you want to.

To further reinforce the idea that we treat the cause of your problem and not just the symptoms, examples of creative  and integrative treatment ideas are presented at the end of each chapter. These pages are highlighted in Tiffany Blue. You can refer to these treatment plans as needed, subsequent to your initial reading of the main body of the book.

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