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Are you dealing with persistent pain and no treatment you've tried has worked?

Often it's because no-one has found the REAL CAUSE of your problem.

I know - I've been there

I suffered for years with persistent backache and pain in my legs. I went for treatment and NOTHING worked - because they weren't digging deep enough to find the source of my pain!

Logically, if you don't get to the root of the pain, you are never going to be pain-free.

Oftentimes the answer is not as obvious as you would think.  Understanding the physiology of the body and your lifestyle and habits leads to a much deeper understanding of what is really going on with your body. The reason for that nagging backache or neckache probably doesn't stem from the area that you feel the pain in.  There's a much more complex reason you feel the way you do.  In my case, I went on a mission to discover the cause of my pain. 

Once I knew the why, I was able to apply the what.

And the power of that knowledge was the catalyst for my doing a 180 degree turn on my career, leaving my Wall Street job behind, and setting up my own physiotherapy clinic. The knowledge was too important to keep a secret. Today I've treated many complex cases in my clinic by working with my patients to find the why. With half the battle won, I am then able to prescribe treatment plans that work. And that's what you'll find in this book.

This book puts you back in control

 Through the chapters in Why Do I Hurt? you get to:

  • understand how the body perceives pain
  • connect actions and habits to the cause of different types of pain
  • realise why past treatments didn't work
  • learn from real case studies of treatments that worked
  • discover treatments that could work for you
  • access the knowledge and resources you need to live pain-free

Be empowered FINALLY with the right tools to resolve your persistent pain issues, discover why you are not moving the way you want to, and find out what you can do to increase mobility and possibly be pain-free.



"With this book, Erica shares her problem-solving, can-do approach to physical therapy, and her experienced view that all parts of the body are connected and that your pain can come from unexpected places. This book is not only instructive - with helpful case studies from her decades at the highest levels of the field - It's also an interesting and fun read. And that's unsurprising, because those are the traits that contribute to Erica being so successful at what she does: she's focused, effective, and a joy to work with."

Robert E. Rubin, Former Secretary of the Treasury

"Erica  Meloe  is  a  miracle-worker.  Whenever  I  pull  a  muscle  in  my  back  or  neck,  I  drag  myself  into  her  office,  and  after  just  one  session,  I  get  enormous  relief.  I’ve  recommended  her  to  countless  friends.

Gretchen  Rubin,  Bestselling  author  of  The  Happiness  Project  and  The  Four  Tendencies

Several years ago, I suffered an acute injury which eventually became chronic. I had been out of work almost a year for an injury that should have taken six weeks to heal. I was passed to three different physical therapists because no one could figure out why I wasn’t getting better, a process that was frustrating, disheartening, and downright depressing. I felt betrayed by my body and believed I’d never be able to walk without excruciating pain for the rest of my life. Finally, a dear friend recommended Erica to me. At the FIRST APPOINTMENT, I was able to do something I hadn’t done for two years: stand on my toes!”

Satomi Hofmann, Broadway, Film, and Television Actress


I am a professional dancer who first came to Erica for a sacroiliac injury. I was performing in a production for a few years where I was asked to do repetitive, one-sided movement. It wreaked havoc on my body in more ways than one. Erica’s approach to assessment is very unique, integrative, and thorough. She not only figured out the improper mechanics that resulted in my SI injury, but found the link to a host of other chronic injuries I had been dealing with. With excellent manual therapy and a clear exercise plan, Erica helped heal my body and come up with an effective preventative plan moving forward. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Sharon Milanese, Dancer and rehearsal director for the Lucinda Childs Dance Company 



I couldn't find the information anywhere

I always wanted to read a book like this, actually. As a patient, student, and a practicing clinician, I was starved for case studies and real-life examples of how other people were resolving their pain issues. 

I wanted to share my knowledge in an easy-to-learn format

I love to read stories, and getting a patient’s history and their eventual treatment is the best story of all. You get to hear the whole story, and that’s what makes case histories so interesting and relevant to my profession. The stories contained in this book provide the reader, patient, clinician, and researcher with much-needed information revealing other potential sources of typical pain patterns.

My hope is that this book will both inform and enlighten you as the reader, and motivate you to advocate for yourself. 

I wanted to give you a toolkit to help you resolve pain and move freely again

I designed each chapter as part of a toolkit meant to empower you to solve your own pain issues and help you discover the source of why you are not moving the way you want to.

I wanted to provide easy access to treatment ideas

To further reinforce the idea that we treat the cause of your problem and not just the symptoms, examples of creative and integrative treatment ideas are presented at the end of each chapter. These pages are highlighted in Tiffany Blue. You can refer to these treatment plans as needed, subsequent to your initial reading of the main body of the book.

A Toolkit to Living Pain-free

If you've been living with persistent pain or you are a physiotherapist looking to solve complex pain cases for your patients, this book has the answers you need. 

  • Gets to the root cause of the pain
  • Easy to follow with photo illustrations
  • Real case studies of treatments that WORK!
  • Treatment ideas at the end of every chapter

more tools on how to live pain free

erica meloe


My Story

I solved unique financial puzzles on Wall Street for a decade.

Now I utilize those same strengths to help rid my patients of pain so they can live their lives on their own terms.

Why would someone go from working in a prestigious international investment bank on Wall Street to the seemingly very different field of medicine?

The answer is simple really.

I personally suffered from back and leg pain with no one being able to help me. My tailored approach to physical challenges – along with my knack for mapping out the best way to achieve positive results - led me to research my condition and find the solution that resolved my own pain. Through this process I found my true calling - to help people become pain-free like me.


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